Enrich your life's margins.

Showcase the excellence of Japan to the world, enriching life's margins through our offerings.


Our purpose is to illuminate Japan's finest aspects to the world, aspiring to enrich the 'blank' in life through what we offer.” We pour our passion into promoting Japan's traditional crafts on a global scale, recognizing the difficulties they might confront in surviving domestically. We are committed to instilling these crafts with new life, supplying a unique fusion of innovation and tradition. We hold the conviction that continual evolution is vital for preserving immutable value. In an era where many items are tossed away within a few years, we recognize the importance of Japan's enduring culture of cherishing things for the world's future. Standing on this culture and exceptional traditional crafts, we seek to provide products and services that will stay with our customers for a lifetime, offering more than just functionality, but sustained value.


    I love discovering new things and delving into their depths. As I travel the world, I've come to recognize the essential beauty of Japan. This realization fosters a deep sense of pride in our Japanese identity and fuels a strong desire to spread the value of "Made in Japan" across the globe. It is our responsibility and mission to preserve and pass on Japanese culture and traditions to the next generation.
    Life is a one-time journey, and the time we have is finite. Daily life is filled with work and other necessities. Yet, within this, there always exists a ‘blank’. How we spend this ‘blank’ significantly influences whether our life is enriched or not. It is essential to continue pursuing and exploring how to spend this ‘blank’.


    I am committed to enhancing the production capabilities in Japan's textile industry through the implementation of modern techniques and sustainable practices, and concurrently establishing an environment that nurtures youth participation and innovation, encouraging them not only to generate new techniques and ideas but also to appreciate the importance of inheriting and enhancing Japan's manufacturing legacy.


    I view 'designing' not merely as the act of creating objects, but as the process, the journey of thought leading up to it, and the trajectory until an idea takes shape. This project, I believe, is the intersection of my concept of design and the origins of traditional craftsmanship. I aspire to play a role similar to the craftsmen of the past, connecting the craftsmanship of manual labor and modern values to the future.