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Our mission is to showcase the excellence of Japan to the world, enriching life's "blank" through our offerings. We are passionate about spreading Japan's traditional techniques globally.

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  • Vol.01: TAKENOSENKO - Roll dyeing -

    Sakai Citya, a corner of Osaka Prefecture, has been a hub of various industries since ancient times.

    Among them, the industry that could be considered the symbol of this city is the cotton industry.

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  • ISSUE No.01 : The history of "TENUGUI"

    Even 1300 years ago, during the Nara period, the word "Tenugui" did not exist, but the existence of such a cloth is considered to have already been there. It is said to have existed in the era when people were able to write, and was used for special religious rites, cleaning and decorating gods and Buddhas.

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