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This TENUGUI features a reversible design, allowing you to enjoy two different aesthetic expressions with just one piece.

From materials to production, everything is crafted in Japan. Made from high-quality cotton, it's soft to the touch and highly absorbent. The more you use it, the softer it becomes, enhancing its texture over time.


The design of "ENGI" pays tribute to Japanese tradition, each pattern within it resonating with auspicious meanings. It silently conveys wishes of prosperity, longevity, strength, and virtue, radiating positive energy.Carefully arranged in a grid of seven, a number that symbolizes good luck and wealth, ENGI beautifully intertwines visual charm and cultural significance into a daily reminder of fortune.


Size : Approx. W340 x H900mm (both ends are unfinished)
Material : 100% Cotton
Country : Japan


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